Rapid facial rejuvenation at home

Emotions are one of the components of our lives. We are happy and sad, shocked and sometimes we frown with dissatisfaction. Feeling women do this more often than men. Imitation wrinkles first appear, as a rule, due to the active work of the facial muscles. To take care of your health, you need to take care of your skin. Do not drown emotions, still smile wide, do not forget about beauty recipes, which are not at all difficult to prepare at home. Let us consider the causes of wrinkles and how to get rid of them. Home rejuvenation masks, lotions, massage techniques, the right products - everything is in order.

Why skin gets older

Stress, bad ecology, improper skin care - all of these affect our appearance. If you want to reset the age counter - first of all, take a look at your lifestyle, diet, psycho-emotional state. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable - this is how one is made.

Collagenis ​​a substance responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. At an early age, collagen fibers have a high density and absorption, as sponges absorb moisture and do not release it back. Over the years, these fibers, which are responsible for our beauty, become thinner, hydrobalans are disturbed on the skin, wrinkles and wrinkles appear.

But even so, you can deceive nature a little, slow down the aging process, and sometimes turn back time. Cardinal changes in appearance can only be made by medical methods, plastic surgery, hardware and injection techniques. It is expensive and not always good for your health. One of the cosmetologist's professional advice is timely skin care and proper lifestyle.

Why the skin gets older

What Causes Skin Aging:

  • Beauty enemies and your youth smoke. Some signs are soil color, wrinkles around the eyes and in the nasolabial area.
  • Next on the list is alcohol in high doses. Water exchange is disrupted on the skin, red lines and spots appear. It damages the liver, causing pathologies that not only cause aging, but also endanger life.
  • Stress, overwork, increased mental excitement cause swelling, circles and bruises under the eyes, loss of turgor.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sunburn is increasing. Choose: either bronze color, or elastic, elastic skin. UV rays absorb moisture, dry and thin the top layer.
  • Bad food. Sweet carbonated water, fatty fried foods, foods with dyes, preservatives, GMOs, chemical additives - all of these cause exfoliation, acne, rashes, pigmentation.

Anti-aging diet

We are what we eat. This expression has spread around the world, increasing the number of healthy food adherents. The topic of proper nutrition can be discussed non-stop. But the fact is that the food we eat affects our health and appearance. If you want to look beautiful and young, follow our tips:

  1. Beef, beef and red fish.This product contains a balanced protein that supports collagen fibers and normalizes hydrobalans. Red fish and beef contain zinc, which is useful for the skin, which prevents exfoliation, soothes, and stops inflammation.
  2. Avocados, hazelnuts, canola oil.Unsaturated fatty acids are very important for collagen production. By including these healthy foods in your daily diet, the effects will not make you wait long. The skin will get the moisture and nutrition it needs for firmness and elasticity. The epidermis will be less susceptible to the effects of the external environment, and hydrobalance will be restored.

    Avocados and nuts contain vitamins A and E, which fight aging and give skin a healthy complexion. Nuts and avocados can be added to salads, side dishes. Season the vegetables with canola oil or drink one teaspoon half an hour before meals.

  3. Unsaturated fatty acids
  4. Raisins, oranges, sauerkraut, peppers.These products contain large amounts of vitamin C, one of the beneficial beauty functions is to help collagen production and tighten blood vessel structure. Complete your diet with vegetables and fruits. Therefore, cabbage, combined with beef, increases the absorption of protein by the body, thus nourishing collagen fibers. The skin shines again and its elasticity. Add berries and fruits to dessert. For a daily dose, a handful of black raisins and a glass of fresh orange juice is enough.
  5. Spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, lettuce.Dark green vegetables contain beta-carotene, which, when eaten, is converted to vitamin A, which is responsible for the regrowth of skin cells. Skin nourishes, exfoliates, allergy rash disappears. This product can be eaten together or separately, added to salads and in addition to lunch or dinner.
  6. Sunflowers, flax seeds, grapes, olive oil.This vegetable oil contains large amounts of vitamins E and A, the benefits of which we have discussed above. Unique rejuvenating effects: turgor preservation, hydrobalance recovery, inflammation elimination, exfoliation. Season salad with a few drops of lemon juice, use in marinade meat and fish. Tasty, simple and healthy.
Vegetable oil

How to rejuvenate facial skin at home

You can look beautiful and young without expensive procedures, weekly visits to the aesthetic salon. You can also take care of your own skin. The main thing is to love yourself and not spend time for home beauty sessions. Let's introduce 4 effective ways:

  • Skin, mask, scrub.Peel and scrub cleanse the skin, remove excess sebum, blackheads, dead epidermal particles and prepare the surface for further procedures. The mask nourishes and moisturizes well and is applied to the skin that is ready and cleansed. All compositions can be prepared with your own hands from regular products. For skin and scrubs - coffee, sugar, crushed fruit seeds. Suitable ingredients for the mask are sour cream, strawberries, cucumbers, honey.
  • Ice cubes.Tightens pores, stimulates blood circulation, relieves swelling, eliminates morning bruises under the eyes. Cosmetologists recommend performing the procedure as soon as you go to bed. Prepare skin well for makeup application.
  • An herbal-based refreshing compress.Makes skin fresh, radiant, moisturizing, relieves swelling. Apply on face rubbed with lotion or tonic. The broth should be cool, suitable from the refrigerator.
  • Face massage.Special techniques normalize blood circulation, tighten contours on the principle of lifting, restore turgor. Allows you to age, smoothing out wrinkles in the nasolabial area.
Refreshing compresses

Facial massage for youth at home

We will tell you step by step how to do a refreshing massage without the help of a beautician.

Step 1.We start with the eyebrows. With two fingers - the thumb and forefinger - in a circular motion with a small amplitude, massage the eyebrows toward the temples. 10 times will be enough. Important: to relax the muscles, it is better to close your eyes.

Step 2.To smooth out fine wrinkles with your index finger, draw along the upper eyelid - from the inner corner to the outside and along the bottom - to the nose. So 8-10 times.

Step 3.We work with the nasolabial region: with a supporting motion, we draw a line from the tip of the nose to the lips and to the sides, towards the earlobes. Two to three minutes.

Step 4.Use your fingertips to tap the code, starting from the front zone and ending with the chin. This technique restores blood circulation.

Step 5.The last step is to caress your chin and cheeks. Movement should be slow and smooth, direction - from nose to edge.

Before starting the massage, ventilate the area well. An important component is a quiet and relaxing environment. The procedure is best done before bed.

Folk beauty recipes

You can get a complete set of ingredients to make a mask to rejuvenate your face at home in your fridge. In order not to miss the proportions and know exactly which components are responsible for what, we introduce you to the detailed recipe:

Rubbing the chin and cheeks
  • Mask with cucumber and almond milk.We made a mixture of one tablespoon of condensed almond milk, one fresh cucumber grated on a fine grater, three tablespoons of oatmeal, ground until smooth in flour in a blender. Mix everything well, leave for 10 minutes. Apply on cleansed skin for 15 minutes. We wash with water.
  • Herbal bath.For broth, you need a mixture of herbal ingredients: linden, coltsfoot, chamomile, birch leaves. Fill the ingredients with boiling water, leave for 20-25 minutes, then let cool. Mix with herbal infusion, half a glass of almond milk and half a teaspoon of tea tree oil. We wipe the face with a cotton pad twice a day - in the morning and before bed.
  • Brush the bran.Grind the bran into a blender, add water and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and bring to a boil for 5-7 minutes. Then we throw the bran over the sieve, pour the liquid into a separate container and let cool. Wipe your skin before bed.
  • Almond oil mask.Oil does not need to be mixed with anything. The secret of the mask is to whip the oil with a whisk (for oxygenation). Apply the oil on a thin layer, do not rinse. Store until completely absorbed.
  • A wise balm and lavender.Take 50 grams of lavender and the same amount of sage, pour dry wine and let it soak for two weeks. Then we use the liquid as a face toner - after washing, before applying the cream.